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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers.


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I have two kids (5 yr old and 3 yr old) so one is in kindergarten and one in preschool. I work all day from 8am to 5pm. My husband works from 7 am until whenever he's done for the day (usually between 5 and 7pm). By the time we get the kids picked up and make it home from our days it's 6pm. I'm tired!!! There's still dinner to be made, homework to be done, lunches to be packed for the next day and maybe a load of clothes to get washed or a few bills paid. All before bedtime! There's no time to clean the house the way it needs to be and on the weekends I feel like because so much of our week is hurry scurry around that we need to devote it to the kids and not super duper cleaning up all day long. It feels so overwhelming sometimes. Does anyone else feel this way?! Does anyone else try to balance working full time and their kids and their relationships and caring for a household?

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well... im a nanny and take care of 2 kids(6 and 3), I work from 7 til when the mother is home.... (between 6 and 9) Then I have to go home and make dinner and all this... I know its different you have to work then come home to kids, hw, dinner and everything... but i feel like i know how you feel... I am very overwhelmed! After i pick kids up from school and preschool... we do hw, chores, baths and sometimes dinner! I never get to see my husband.  He works from either 11-7 but gets homes later cause how far away it is... or 1-9 and thats monday-sunday by that time im just too tired to do anything and we go to bed by 11ish... and once i have my son in dec i know it will be a lot worse... Maybe try to set date nights for you and your husband once a week, and a family night... find a babysitter... on weekends maybe make precooked dinners for the week so its not so ruff on you during the week.. make a cleaning list thats what i did... like on mon-clean bathrooms, tues-laundry,wed-dishes, thur-dust and vaccum, friday-relax then the weekend finsh whatever needs to be done... just depends... idk what time you wake up but maybe wake up 30 mins earlier and start your laundry so by the time you leave you can put them in the dryer... idk stuff like this has helped me out... try and stay stress free =) good luck
I don't work but I can completely relate with you feeling overwhelmed. I have 3 kids 6,4 and almost 3 and prego with number 4. Even though I'm home all day nothing gets done. It feels like everytime i start feeling better from one thing something else starts. I've had morning sickness so bad all I could do is lay on the couch, migraines, bad back pain and now my butt bone has started hurting! I understand never having time to get anything done cause even when I feel ok I have my 2 youngest at home to run all day (they are very busy and destructive!) then we walk 1/4 a mile up the road to get their sister off the bus and come home. She has home work and reading and then dinner and bath time. Its hard to try to balance it all. I hope things get better for you. Until then hang on and stay strong, it won't be so hard forever. When they get bigger they'll be able to do homework and all that by themselves. Good luck to you sweetie! :)
well i can kinda relate to this problem i have 1 kid (8 months) she is alot of work shes just starting to crawl so not only do i have to chase her around all day to make sure shes not putting anything in her mouth or getting hurt on something but im still doing online collage classes so from 9am to 10am i have to be on the computer studying but then after that i have to do a test then i have to change laylas diper then i gotta feed her then play with her then put her down for a nap then i gotta hurry and clean then i gotta try to take a nap while shes asleep so i wont be tierd when she wakes up then by the time she wakes up i gotta make dinner then feed her give her a bath put her to bed then i gotta clean up then wash clothes then take a shower and go to sleep and it feels like im always busy and i never have time to relax anyways i hope this helps good luck!
Thanks ladies!  It helps to not feel so alone.  My house is liveably clean, but not spotless and certainly not like it was before kids!  Now it's not uncommon to find clothes folded on the couch or the kitchen table, you never would have found it that way before kids!  I've spent the last two weeks crying about this so it feels better to talk about it.  :)My mil had a funny suggestion, use my crock pot and make dinner to tomorrow night while we are eating tonight...some of those things take a while to prepare...I could cook dinner in that time.  LOL!  I thought it was hilarious!!

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