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I'm 15 weeks and since yesterday i have been feeling like a pain in my lower right part of the abdomen(it's nothing strong that I can't stand, it just bothers), everybody keeps telling me it's normal that is just the ligaments are stretching, but today i will ask my doc. to see what he tells me, and also I have an ultrasound today so hopefully everything will be ok. Any suggestions.??

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Yep, ligaments.  I had a lot of those between weeks 13-17; they'll go away eventually.
Ohh thank you that's what everybody tells me not to worry, since is my first baby i don't know what is what, too many changes to my body that i'm not adapted to. :)
Its just the round ligaments stretching to support your growing uterus. I'm about 23 weeks in my 2nd pregnancy and I still have some pain from it. It's uncomfortable but completely normal.
I cant tell the difference between the ligament pain and the gas pain... it all just about make me want to just pass out....
im tiffany im didnot know i was pregant i  was taking the pills. i jjust felt the babby start moving how long am i. 

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