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in pain :(

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i'm 38 weeks and my c section is schelduled for nov. 30th(one week from today). for the past couple days i've had the worst pains down there. i've had alot of pressure for a couple weeks now but this kinda hurts. everytime i get up to walk it hurts even just sitting down and relaxing hurts. a couple times today it felt like i had to go to the bathroom but i couldn't and its driving me crazy!! it's a constant pain and every so often it gets worse like the baby is pushing down trying to get out lol. does this mean labor is coming soon? maybe before my c-section?

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It could mean exactly that.  Your baby is probably head down and ready to come out.  The lower it sits in your pelvic area the more pain and pressure you will have.  If it hurts to walk, don't.  Find a position that is comfortable for you and just relax.  The bathroom thing drove me nuts too!  After making it that far to the bathroom the last thing you want is to not be able to go - lol!  You may go into labor before your c-section.  Do you have a plan for that laid out with your doctor?  You may want to call before Thanksgiving to let them know you are in some pain and they may want to check you to see if you are effacing or dilating now.  Hope this helps!  good luck!
wh are you getting a c section??? Sounds like to me your in labor might should call your doctor or hospital
its just a repeat c-section, i had one with my first cause she was big. i never went into labor with my 1st or 2nd so i dont know what to expect if i go into labor with this one. the pains are better now and i havent lost my mucous plug or had any spotting or anything but i'm sure the pain will be back tomorrow, it seems like it gets a little worse everyday! i cant wait til this little boy is born! lol

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