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pain when we have sex??

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I am just over 21 weeks pregnant and whenever we have sex I am fine until we are finished and then I seem to swell down there.. everything gets really sore and swollen and I am not sure what to do to make it better.. It has been so bad the past few days that I will lay there after wards and have to try applying a cold wet washcloth to take some of the swelling down and help relieve some of the pain so that I am able to go to sleep or do anything... with my first pregnancy I had the same issue but it seems as if I was further along when it started bothering me and the only advice I got was well maybe use lubes.. which we have tried but like I said I am fine until afterwards.. other then that my dr from before said maybe we should just not have sex if it wasnt the most comfortable and I am not willing to give up sex all together for the next 19 weeks til he gets here and then the 6 weeks after haha.. I was hoping some of the other moms would have advice for us.. We go back to our dr the 1st of September and I am going to ask our new dr then but wanted to try here as well.. thanks =)

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Definitely use lube - that sounds like it could be an issue due to friction.  Try a silicon lube - they work well, and are non-allergenic.  Definitely stay away from glycerin-based lubes, as glycerin is a form of sugar and that can feed the yeast infections that are so common during pregnancy. Other than that, I'd say you should both brush up on your oral skills :D
maybe slow down and maybe try a different position dont go so fast
i have this same problem and will be six months pregnant in 3 days. check with your doctor and make sure you do not have a dropped uterus this was my problem which can cause major discomfort during later stages of sex and also means your baby may carry lower than usual
my dr gave me some medication for the burning down there, it burns after sex for me too and the medication seems to be working only problem is you have to wear pantty liners because itll turn your pee orange.

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