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the past couple days my son (5weeks) has been sleeping all day & most

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the night why

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when babys are that small all they wanna do is sleep so they can get rested and when they are asleep they grow so maybe hes getting ready to grow
Could be a growth spurt coming up or might need extra sleep.  Watch his sleep pattern and write it down for a couple of days.  If you are concerned called the pediatrican and tell them what you've logged - they may have a better answer or want to check him out.  I don't think it's anything to worry about though.
As long as he is still eating he should be fine. Most likely he's just going through a growth spurt.
Your sweet baby is growth spurting and this really only lasts 2-3 or 3-4 days. Remember when your baby was growing inside you he slept 90 percent of the time thats how he grew inside of you. Babies grow so much the first year and you are gonna look back and say I cant believe you were that little! Babies need adiquate sleep because they are in a constant state of grow so dont worry your little boy is workin on bein a 6 footer so he can be a football or basketball player one day :-)

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