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For the past week I feel a lot of pressure down below and the past 3 days I had sharp pains....

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The past 5/6 days I've had a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen as well as down below it isn't all day long but a big majority of the day and for the past 4 days I randomly get this sharp pain that starts between my belly button and "area" then it radiates all the way down to my "area". It only last for a few seconds but today was my first day that I've had back pain that is in the middle and all the way down. It's pretty painful and I feel like it takes my breath away and it seem to get worse the longer it was happening and then suddenly just went away. So, my question is could these be labor pains? My water hasn't broke though and I'm not spotting any blood. Also, I'm only 31weeks along. I'm going to call my doctor first thing in the morning but would like to hear from you moms as well. The last time I called about a concern they were rude and blew me off.

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Sounds like it could be labor pains it is definatly something worth checking out. But i'd go to the hospital instead of waiting for your doctors office to open. It's to bad ur doc is rude if you were not so far along i would tell you to find a new one.
Hell, I'd tell you to find a new one even when you're this far along, but that's entirely up to you.  That could definitely be labor pains, and you want to keep the kid in there for at least 4 more weeks, so try to rest up, don't do anything that seems to 'bring on' the pains, and definitely get to a doc (emergency room or other) asap!  Good luck!

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