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People keep asking me if I'm having twins. It's so rude. Any snappy comebacks?

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"No, are you?" I sounds childish but it gets the point across. 
Unfortunately, I think this is becoming a popular question to ask pregnant women.  I've been asked several times myself starting around 14 weeks (I'm now 26 wks) and my best friend who is barely 8 weeks along has already been asked.I'm hoping people aren't asking because they think I'm overly large, but because of the increase in the number of twins and multiples being born. 
I was asked this by my mother-in-law when I first started showing at 13 weeks. I just all-of-a-sudden went from thicker to distended pretty-much overnight.I think being honest is fine with people you know, and strangers on the street can deal with whatever you feel like saying - whether honesty, a smart comment, an outrageous lie ("No, there were ten heartbeats!") or just a dirty look.
tell 'em it's triplets, then walk away.
I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and popped out like no other right around the end of my 5th week... so instead of looking 7 weeks I look as though I am 6 months along already.  I hear it constantly and it is very frustrating and to the point of me becoming nasty with people.
I like this answer:  Be careful, I ate the last person who commented on my weight! The have some very funny snappy comebacks for pregnancy and parenting at I should have said.

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