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pink discharge

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one week before I noticed a light pink discharge ,I wipped it away and it doesn't occur any more. The first day in my last period was march 9th. It means that I have just finished my 6th week.In the beginning of the last week just after that discharge I made a transvaginal ultrasound and the baby was 3.7 mm and they can't notice the heart beat. the doctor told me the heart may haven't started beating yet and asked for another ultrasound 3 days later and asked for blood testing to estimate the level of HCG. Is it normal to see that discharge in early pregnancy or it is a sign of miscarriage? I am so worried .

answers (2)

It is normal at the stage of the pregnnancy that you are at.  It just means that the sac that the baby is in is attaching to the uterine wall.  It is perfectly normal.  The babies heartbeat  by the way may be still too little to hear on the heart beat monitor.  You have alerted your doctor and when they do get the results of the tests back they will see that everything is normal.  I hope this helped.
Unfortunately, the results of the HCG level test shows that it was dropping in stead of elevating and the ultrasound shows that the baby doesn't grow at all, the case is diagnosed as miscarriage. the doctor advised me to wait for 2 weeks as natural miscarriage may occur, if not, she will do surgical intervention . Hope we will have a nice healthy baby soon .

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