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Placenta Previa- is it serious?

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I recently found out i have placenta previa and im worried as hell. im 21 weeks pregnant and ive stopped working during my first trimester because of subchorionic hemmorhage. Im just at home most of the time resting. anyway, id like to ask if there's a high chance this could still be corrected? also, is it something i need to worry about? what are the chances of a successful delivery with this condition? thanks!

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what I learnt in Prenatal class, was that it's when the placenta has grown over the cervix,which means chances are you're going to have a c section birth...I don't think it can be corrected..since the placenta is attached to you right now...I'm not a doctor though...this is just what I learnt..hope it helps some what...
I learned basically the same thing as Alicia did.  Did the doctor say it was completely covering the cervix?  Sometimes the placenta will move up as your uterus grows.Don't worry about it.  Your doctors will be able to help you successfully deliver your baby, be it vaginally or by C-section. :)
Thanks for the replies. Yes the doctors told me it was completely covering the cervix. I had it since i was 18 weeks, i really hope that it moves up during my next ultrasound. They said there's a chance it could still move up but im not getting my hopes up. With placenta previa i am not allowed to do a lot of things esp. stressful ones and also i am put under pelvic rest so as to prevent bleeding. Im really hoping for the best. Thanks again!
I was diagnosed with total placenta previa at 8 weeks which resolved by itself around 12 weeks and went on to have a healthy baby girl. I was on pelvic rest during that period. Try not to worry and rest completely. It should resolve by itself by the 3rd trimester as you still have another 19 weeks or so to go and the uterus still has a long way to grow.  

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