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Planning on pumping and need advise.

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I did formula with my first two children and this time I want to try pumping. I don;t plan to breast feed but only to pump and bottle feed. Has anyone else done this and what should I know about it? Also do you really lose as much weight breast feeding as they say?

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I began with breastfeeding and pumping becuase I was in school fulltime however I did nurse the baby while I was around her.. I dont know exactly how pumping only works but I can recommend actually nursing atleast for the first week or so so that your supply of milk gets high enough and then you can pump as needed for the baby. I would invest in a good pump. I have a double pump that I love, and even if you arent nursing and only pumping you will have to invest in good, comfortable and supportive nursing bras, as well as the nursing pads that go inside of them. I hope I have been of some help.. and good luck =)

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