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Hi am about 25 weeks and dont like water at all i wanted to know if there is something else i could substitute it with something else please help I know WATER is a very important part of the pregnacy any advice ????

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Gatorade, powerade, crystal light, and life water are all the items I have used to supplement because water is not my favorite drink either.. Everything worked out good for us on our 1st baby :)
Thank you so much ! :)
Not gatorade or powerade. Do not use drinks that are made to replenish your eletrolytes to hydrate your body.  These drinks are made to replace the sodium in your body lost during sweating and excerise; if you are not sweating and doing heavy excerise then you infuse your body with too much salt/sodium.  It causes increase blood pressure, swelling and in my case with my first can cause you to go on bed rest.  Try the crystal light, lemonade, fruit juices, kool aids, etc.  Stay away from things that have a lot of sodium. 
Water is super important because dehydration can cause your uterus to contract, it helps keep your amniotic fluid at the right level, and it can aid in hydrating your skin to help prevent stretch marks. Try putting lime or lemon in your water and see if it helps. It's difficult to make sacrifices, but knowing it's for the good of your baby should help. Good luck! :)
crystal light and vitamin water
Fluids, period, are an important part of pregnancy. You can buy packages of the powered flavor enhancers that also have vitamins in them to add to your water. While some flavors are just gross, some are really quite good. Crystal Light also has these kinds of powders. But don't think you have to limit all your daily fluids to water. I love the different V8 juices. 
ty so much to all its been really alot of help god bless!!!! : )
You should get in touch with your Dr. as soon as you can.  Back pain in early pregnancy is pretty common (I worked for an ob/gyn for three years - it happens alot!) but uterine cramping is a little more concerning.  IN the meantime, stay off your feet as much as you can and drink plenty of water - it really will help.  Try not to worry until you see your doc.  Good luck!
If she hasn't had her baby shower yet go ahead & schedule yours before hers & announce the name of your baby on the invitations.  This way you've offically announced to the world what your bundle of joys name will be first. If she then chooses to name her child the same thing she'll look like she took the idea from you.  I wouldn't worry too much about it though, name him after your papa & be proud no matter what.  I had a surprise baby shower planned for me at work & since I had already picked out a name & shared with some of the ladies in my office they put together a cute little poem announcing his arrival would be soon & thanking everyone for coming to support him & his mommy.  They then signed it his name.  Hope that helps!
I think having your baby shower first and putting the name on the invitations is a great idea. You can have really cute invitations made online that have his name on them and send them all out before she even knows your having yours first. 


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