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Please Help: Can you be pregnant and get negative test results?

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My sister has missed her period for two months she has no idea what is going on she is not on birth control and she keeps getting negative test results. She has tried a blood test and 4 urine test since she missed her first period in June. She did spot but only one time that she went to the restroom it wasn't even a full day. What should we do?

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There could be several reasons for this. Does your sister do any sports? Sometimes vigorous and prolonged activity can contribute to a missed period. I was going to say to have a blood test done but you say she already had one. My advice is to keep an eye on it, you've done all the tests you can do to detect pregnancy with negative results. Sometimes it just comes down to lifestyle and there are many women who don't have a regular menstral cycle. RELAX :)
it also could be due towards stress.. you can make yourself think your pregnant so much that u actually have the symptoms but your not... i've had it happen to me :-S it sucks  like mandy said just keep an eye on it and relax :D
Sometimes the pregnancy tests only detect up to 5 days before a missed period.  Blood tests are pretty definitive so I dont think shes pregnant.  If she doesnt want to get pregnant, practice safe sex!
Yay for safe sex!  Also, I didn't get a period for the first 3 months of college because my sleep schedule was so wonky (8hrs Monday, 4hrs Tuesday, 7hrs Wednesday, 0 Thursday, 12 Friday, etc).  That'll stress your body right out.  Exercise - like suddenly beginning training for a triathalon or something - will do it too.

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