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please help.. I cant sleep for anything..

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Ok I am 37 weeks and miserable. I havent been able to sleep very well for about a week but the last 3 nights have been alot worse. I been having alot of cramping, however when we went in to be checked they said that the contractions werent really regular so we were sent home to wait for them to become more regular. When it comes to night time now though I am up ever hour or hour and half if I am lucky and stay up for about an hour atleast everytime. I am taking baths in middle of the night trying to relax and everything but nothing seems to be making it better. I sleep with 2 body pillows along with about 5 other ones trying to get comfortable but everytime I roll over the cramping or the sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach wake me up and keep me awake. I have a 17 month old and today am finding it impossible to keep up with her.. physically I am so exhausted that I cant do it and I have to be abel to keep up with life as well as the pregnancy. This pregnancy has been ten times harder then with our daughter so I am at a loss of what I can and should do.. please help.. I know I only have a couple weeks left at the most but I cant deal with no sleep or maybe 2 hours a night for that long.

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If you think you've lost your mucous plug, I don't think you can take baths anymore.  You can allow bacteria to enter in with the baby.  Try warm showers instead!  I was doing warm showers every night for a week or two (around 11:30pm or midnight) to get my 2nd son to calm down.  Do you have a lounge chair or a recliner that you can try to sleep in?  You definitely need your sleep now that you are getting so close.  Try some warm milk (ick) or warm tea before going to sleep, that may help to ease you and calm your little one.  Another option, talk to your doctor about inducing.  You are in the safe zone and there's no need to be miserable and exhausted for the next 3 weeks.  Sorry sweetie - hope it gets better!
tea has caffene . benadryl the allergy medicine is safe for the baby and makes you verrry sleepy . take 2 and lay down . youll be out in like 10 minutes .
I will definitly try showers instead then.. I didnt even think of that so thanks very much I dont want to cause any harm to the baby but I dont know for sure if I have lost my mucus plug either.. I have asked about inducing my dr wont think of it at all before 39 weeks and then its only if your body is ready so that was a pointless try.. I will try the tea too.. benadryl would help if it made me sleepy. Unfortunatly I have terrible allergies and have had to take allergy meds such as claratin, benadryl, and all those my whole life and its like I have an immunity to the side effects and it doesnt make me tired.. lol thanks ladies I really appreciate all the ideas
Try lavender bodywash. It will help you relax, and apparently the smell of lavender can cause you to go into labour (don't know if that's true or not, but hey, worth a try! I'm having the same problem, and have been sleeping sitting up on the couch... seems to help a little! Good luck.
Tea can be decaffinated, it tastes the same without the caffeine.  Or you can try like a camamille (sp?) tea.  Those are supposed to be soothing.  I've heard the same thing about lavendar (not the labor part) but the soothing and sleepy part.  That's why some baby washes are lavendar to sooth them and help them sleep.
I am 31 weeks along and having the same sleep problems.  I don't know how I will make it!  Bath and Body Works has an aromatherapy section that has some lavendar sleep aids such as body wash, lotion, and pillow spray.  This seems to calm me a little.  My doctor also told me that Tylenol PM was safe as well.  You may try this since all the other allergy meds you are use to.  These work for me some nights and not the others but it's definitely worth a try.  Good luck honey!

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