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My husband is getting ready to deploy in about a month and half to Afghanistan. It is our first baby and he constantly is accusing me of cheating right now and when he deploys. I havn't cheated on him and definitely know i will never cheat on him!!! Idk if I should just deal with it and let him make me feel like crap and like im doing something wrong when im not, or if i should stand up and tell him how pissed off it makes me and how upset i get. I try so hard to make him happy and make him see how much i care about him expecially before he deploys.

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tell him how you feel get it off your chest
Both my husband and I are in the military and I say you need to sit him down and tell him point blank, that you have not cheated on him, nor will you ever and tell him that he needs to stop acting like you guys are in high school and start acting like a grown married man. Explain to him that you understand that he hears all kinds of horror stories from his buddies about them or their friends going away and a "Jody" stepping in while you are gone and assure him that you will not be letting anyone "step in," also, make him understand that you are just as scared of him deploying as he is and that you will under no circumstances condone any kind of unfaithfulness on his part while he is on TDY or Deployment either, and while you understand that he is worried, he needs to stop with the accusations because it is unacceptable behavior on his part.-Try to be as calm as possible when you are relating all of this to him, Soldiers, especially male Soldiers appreciate this and it gets through to them better than a riled up crying basket case.-And don't let him turn this around on you.Be strong and good luck
deff tell you how u feel. dont let him make u feel like crap. u dont need to be stressed out. esp when the baby comes u have to worry about that baby, not that ur husband doesnt trust u.  if its this bad while ur prego imagine how bad it will be after
My husband is also in the military.. He got back from Iraq in Feb. and we got pregnant around april. Pretty much his whole section is now pregnant lol. But I would def tell him how you feel! It does sound like high school drama, but def try to be clam about it
Tell him how you feel. My husband is also in the military and may be deploying In the next year or two. We've been married for three years and he just recently stopped accusing me of cheating. We used to get into fights over it all the time. I know with my husband he said those things because of his past experiences with relationships and seeing his parents relationship fall apart at a young age due to cheating/accusations of cheating. This is one thing you do need to get settled before he deploys or it will bother both of you while he's gone.
Tell him how you feel.  And if he doesn't stop with his childish behaviour, perhaps he needs a time out.
I think you should stand up to him. You should'nt be accused for something you haven't done. Let him know how that makes you feel but try to avoid arguements.
my boyfriend had bad girlfriends in the past leaving him self consious and always worrying. it hurt me when hed accuseme of cheating of flirting when i wasnt. it doesnt help that his friends are immature and made up a few storeis when he was out of state. they even went as far as taking afake picture of "me" kissing some guy when it wasnt me it was some other girl and one of his friends, it was really difficult having him never being able to trust me. i finally sat down with him and told him howshittty it made me feel when he accused me and i just have to reasure him that it wont happen. it didnt happen before i got pregnant it definatly eont happen now that i am. if he still doesnt listen after a few times  of u talking to him, try to hang in there trust is something that takes time to earn
if he is going to be away he will have to learn to trustyou  or it will ruin the relationship.. have you given him any reason not to trust you? I think he should appreciate having a women stand bezside him while away alot of women cant handle that so I commend you

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