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Please Help i have hard time feeding my first baby..

2 answers
Hi moms.. i just have my first baby girl.. everything going really smooth from the beginning i start to feeding her cereals when shes about 4 month old.. she eat about half regular bowl.. now she's 7 month old.. and she doesnt want to eat her cereals anymore.... she only want her formula.. anybody know what should i do?

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try mixing some baby foods in with it, like the fruits.  If you mix a little of the fruits in with the cereal she might be more apt to go back to eating them.  I think they get bored too or she might be ready to go to more of the baby foods anyway.  Don't be afraid to try her out on them.  My kiddos loved the baby foods especially anything with bananas in them.  Try a bananas mixed in with the cereal to give it a kick.  :)
You dont have to give her cereal anymore you can start stage 1 baby food, cereal is just a filler anyway. And if she doesnt want it thats no big deal, her body is tellin her what she wants anyway. Your doctor willtwll you its ok to start maybe a half jar of fruit and then a 4oz bottle for one meal and then four hours later give the other half and another bottle. Then when she is finished with that in the evening try some veggies. But ultimately you are her mom and those motherly instincts will kick in and you will know what is best for her. You cant do anything wrong remember that. And just because you do it differently doesnt mean its wrong. And all your baby will ever know is that you love her and you are doin the best you can 

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