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Please help me! Im so lost and confused!!

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I'm 25 years old and i don't have periods. they stopped when i was 16 and my doctor wont tell me why. that has not stopped my husband and i from trying to get pregnant, and yesterday something strange happened. i have a weak stomach and for mouths now i have been sick at the drop of a hat. food is terrible! i wish i could live without eating because nothing sounds good. if i can eat and keep it down it is only a very small amount, less than 1/3 of what i normally eat, and I'm sick and hungry again in a hour. a few weeks back i noticed some fluttering in my lower abdomen and cents this has happened before and turned out to be just gas or the like, i didn't think about it. until last night. i was in the kitchen fixing dinner when the fluttering started again, but this time it didn't stop! it was much harder than before. it would slow then start up again, sometimes hard and sometimes soft. this went on for 2 hours!. I'm a VERY large woman so it is tough fill from the out side but my husband did fill something he said, it was one of the harder ones. Could this be real? if I'm pregnant and filling the baby move i would at lest have to be in my second trimester! has anyone out there had this happen to them? please help! I'm so scared to take a test because after 7 years of No i don't know if i could handle the disappointment again. thanks for your time!

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ok i know its scary but you need to know if your pregnant so you can get prenatal care and start getting baby stuff and if your not then you can try and try untill you get pregnant i know its hard but you need to know
One reason your periods would stop could be polycystic ovarian syndrome. That cause your periods to stop and also makes it hard to get pregnant. If your dr. refuses to tell you what is going on with your body I would definitely sujest finding a new one. With the fluttering... with my first baby it felt like my stomache was growling even though I knew I wasn't hungry. It definitely sounds like there's a chance you could be pregnant. Go and get a test and take it. It's better to be disappointed than have a baby you didn't know you were going to have or not being prepared for it. I know it's hard and scary but it's what would be best for you and the baby. And we're all here to comfort you if you don't get the results you're hoping for. Good luck.
keep us updated. I hope you get a baby like you want!
Well I tested... it was negative. I broke down to my mom and she told me that urine tests don't work in my family. We are getting an appointment with the doc in the morning.. I'm scared.
Keep Us Updated, pls.. Good Luck.. And Try Not To Stress! I hope you are pregnant.. I was going through the same thing, I know how it feels.
im 19 and havent had a perion for a year and a half. i went to planned parenthood to see if i had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), but it turns out that since i was almost 300 lbs., some of my way extra fat cells in my body were metabolizing into estrogen, the female hormone, which stopped my ovulation and my periods. i really wanted to get pregnant, so i stopped taking the meds that mere making me gain weight, and two days ago i got my period back! the doctor didnt wanna tell me anything because telling me that i was too fat to hav a baby was offensive. reducing your body mass index (BMI) should help because sometimes if its too high, menstruation stops.  also, dont stress about it, because stress has the ability to stop periods as well. wish u the best of luck, and god bless!
my doctor is stupid!! OK.. here is an update. i went to the doc and he made me pee in a cup. 45 min later he came in and said it was negative and he didn't believe me that i was filling movement. but if i was then it was from my bladder infection. then his nurse said "but her urine is clean there is no infection." he just looked at her like he didn't speak English then turned to me and said, "I'll put you on birth-control and if that so called movement doesn't stop in a mouth or two then come on back and we will see what is going on." i tried to tell him what my mom said and he told me that it was impossible to have a false test.  if that's the case then my 6 nieces and nephews aren't real!! when i told him i can fill the movement right now he just shook his head handed me the scrip for birth control and walked out. I'm so mad!! what kinda doc doesn't even try to fill or test what is being talked about!! I'm seeing a different doctor (my grandmas doc) in a different town on the 4th. if I'm not pregnant OK i will deal with it, but i at lest need to know what is moving in my gut!!! thanks for all your advice and concern. i will keep you in the know.

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