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plugged milk ducts this early??

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I am 38 weeks pregnant and i recently discovered a firm spot near my nipple and when i squeezed some colostrum came out but i also felt some go into me breast and it formed some lumps. after a few minutes of massaging the lumps they disappeared and i continued to extract the colostrum from my breast and sure enough got quite a bit out and the firm spot went away. but after a few hours (about 8) the firm spot returned and i extracted more colostrum. Could i have a plugged duct this early? i feel no pain just a bit of a minty sensation under my nipple. and the colostrum looks normal watery.

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That's likely not a duct problem if it doesn't hurt, it's just the way the little sacks feel when they are full. You'll get used to it after a while. Unless you're hoping for baby sooner than later, don't spend too much time on your nipples, as stimulation can induce labour (not like it's risky, as you're technically full term anyways!)

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