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We have been trying to get pregnant the last three/four months, Counting days, taking prenatal vitamins and all but nothing is working, have done all my check ups, visiting my OBGYN regularly and doctor said can't see anything wrong. My cycle is 28 day regular I was hoping this time I am pregnant but my period arrive this morning. Can somebody explain to me what's going on?

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I sould say maybe you are to concentraited on this point. My advise is to relax and enjoy your love and your baby will come to you. I know several stories, when my friend hardly made their babies and they didn't get the result and when they stopped counting, thinking about it every second and just enjoyed, they've got a sucessful result. Also I would recommend you a book, which I concider useful in this issue, you will find a lot of necessary information and hope it will help you as it helped me. Good luck! You will meet your baby soon!
Try using the home ovulation tests to pinpoint exactly when you ovulate. Your cycle may be regular but you may not ovulate exactly two weeks after your period.

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