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Positive test then Negative test!! I am so confused

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This morning I took a Store Brand Pregnany test at 9am and it came out slightly positive, then at 2pm I went and bought a 20 dollar test and it came out negative...I am wondering has this ever happen to anyone before? What are the chances of me being pregnant or having a false positive?? I am just a bit scared..

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False negatives are more common than false positives. The best/most accurate time to take a test is first thing in the morning as soon as you are up
go to the dr they would be able to tell if your really pregnant or not
jhypse is right.  False negatives are more common than false positives and my doctor told me the same thing with my first, because I did the same thing to myself.  I had a faint line early in the am and then had a negative by mid afternoon.  Your hormones are not as high in the afternoon.  Take it again early in the morning, make sure you haven't urinated for at least 3 hours before you take it.  Your positive lines will get darker as your hormones increase further in your pregnancy.  Good luck!
Thanks everyone!with my daughter we were trying to get pregnant so we knew when to test and it was obvouisly a BFP! But since this one is our Suprise blessing, we don't know when to test, or when I got pregnant since we were never trying
When was your last period?  You can plug in the date of your last period on this site..the first day and it will give you an estimated due date.  My was accurate to the day when I went to the doctor.  :)
well the same thing happen to me and i never got answers to my problem! Are you pregnant or not?

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