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I have 2 children already and both preg. were very different. My husband and I are not trying nor are we not not trying =) So ever month seems to be a bit torture some to me =) I was 16 days late a few months ago and last month I got my period 6 days early with excruciating breast tenderness. It is now 22 days later, excruciating breast tenderness again and I have had some weight gain. about 3 1/2 pounds. Haven't taken a test because I assumed my last period was a period and not implantation bleeding. Any thoughts?

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Go to the dollar store and pick up a pregnancy test.  You could be pregnant.
When I was pregnant, I just knew it. No reason at all  I didn't track my period or anything. I just knew I was pregnant. Of course I took a test as soon as possible, and it was positive. :)I would take a test, although you may not be as far along as is recommended, every pregnancy is different. And you can always take another in a couple weeks.
i took a test today and it said negative but i think im gonna wait for a week and take another unless i get my period by then. thank you for your answers :)
Even if you get your period you can still be pregnant :)I know ALOT of people who had their period 5 months into their pregnancy, it's not as uncommon as you would think. If you track your period I would wait until your next expected period is and take one, if youre not convinced you can always get a blood test done, it will tell you no matter how far along you are. :)My mom always had to get blood tests done, the other ones always came up negative for her and here she has 6 kids :)Good luck!!
When you called for the appointment, did you specifically state that you wanted them to do a pregnancy test, and not actually talk about fertility treatments?  Taking your blood for a pregnancy test takes all of five minutes; I'm not sure why your doctor would make you wait an extra week.  Stock answer, however: no one on the internet is going to be able to tell you with any certainty if you are pregnant.  Your best bet is whatever that blood test from the doctor tells you.
just because your doctor tells you that your infertile certainly does not mean that you can't get pregnant. my husband had his left testicle ripped out by a german sheppard when he was 11 years old. it was replaced with a silicone ball. he was told he was hands-down 100% sterile. i have endometriosis, and was told i would probably never get pregnant, and if i did i would most likely have a misscarriage. after i was past the misscarriage stage of my pregnancy, they told me i would have my daughter prematurely. ha! i carried until 37 weeks, and then demanded to be induced. i'm now pregnant with my second child. needless to say, i have 2 little miracles in my life! i agree with the previous poster, you need to tell your doctor that you also need a blood test done. however, no one on the internet can tell you if you are in fact pregnant. we can only speculate.
Wait a week before you take another test. If you don't get your period this month and are still getting a negative result on a pregnancy test you should see you doctor.
go with what vforventure said, but some women need a blood test to determine pregnancy. that was the case for me with my first pregnancy.
yah just wait to take a pregnancie test and then go see your doctor for a blood test because you might be but your hcg levels can be low and that's why it's not showing u r in ur pee, that's what happened to me! i had to take a blood test to find out i was when i knew i was because every pregnancie test i took would come out - & +!!

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