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Pregnant with Factor V Leiden or Pro Thrombin?

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Does anyone have experience with pregnancy while having a blood clotting disorder? I have Factor V Leiden, and the hubby has Pro Thrombin 20210. Our first son had to be induced a little before 37 weeks because my platelet count was low during a non-stress test and the Dr. was concerned w/ me throwing blood clots. (At this time we didn't know that I or my husband had clotting disorders.) 19 hours later after induction with Pitocin (Oxytocin) and no pain meds, my son was delivered. He had breathing trouble and was taken to the NICU, where he spent the next 3 weeks. After many tests they discovered he had 3 blood clots in his brain, they ended up dissolving on their own. After some genetic testing it was discovered that my son had Factor V & PT20210, further testing revealed he got the Factor V from me, and the Pro Thrombin from his Dad, neither of us had any issues or signs prior to our son being diagnosed. Now we are expecting again, currently at 10 & 1/2 weeks, and in addition to my regular OBGYN I am also seeing a high-risk OB specialist who has recomended a course of action of one low-dose aspirin a day, and will see how this works. Since aspirin does cross the blood supply, she felt this would be the best plan w/ the least chance of ill side-effects. If this does not help I will have to go on blood-thinners during future pregnancies. They are also going to be more pro-active in monitoring the baby this time around with more ultrasounds on advanced machines to check for blood-clots and such in the baby. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? And if Pitocin is safe with blood clotting disorders? Thanks! :)

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These are questions you'll need to discuss with your doctors. And not to be rude, but you should consider not having more biological children if both you and your husband have clotting disorders that are passed on to your children.

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