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prenatal vitamins

3 answers
i stopped taking my prenatal vitamins a long time ago due to my nausea... i want to start again is this bad for the baby? what can i do? Will my baby have any complications?

answers (3)

I did the same thing =( though im sure this isnt good but my baby is perfect so far, also you can take flinstones vitamins, they work to.. thats what my dr told me to take when mine were giving me trouble.
You should take them, ask your doc about alternatives..
My regular prenatals made me sick, too.  I found some chewable vitamins at Babies 'R Us that were great.  I'm currently trying out some gummy prenatals that I found online at Babies 'R Us as well.  My dr. said that she didn't care what type of prenatal vitamin I was on, as long as I was on one.

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