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i have been feeling alot of pressure on my pelvic bone im 39 weeks

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i would go to ur doc or the hospital, u will probly be going into labor soon
yeah i called the docter she said just to wait it out my due date is oct.4
That is most likely your baby shiftng into place and that feels horrible, which im sure you already knew. Your doctor does need to know so she will know to expect you soon because you could be going into labor very soon.
Well it's almost over so early congrats! This is definitely a sign that you are getting ready. Just keep an eye on it and be ready for contractions and your water breaking. Good luck! :)
Well the baby is losing room. Your carrying a baby and a lot of water. The more her or she grows the more room they lose and the more uncomfortable you feel. As far as popping goes, we've all had those days. Contact your doctor and ask if you can take Dulcolax. I know this is a TMI thing but it will help soften your stool. Also drink a lot of water. You don't want to get dehydrated. GL!
I am  32 weeks and this week I started feeling pressure, when I toss n turn at night or when I get out of bed in the middle of the night. My doc said pressure was normal bc the baby is getting bigger and I'm sure it will only get worst. As for everything else, I'm not sure. You should contact your doc.
I went to the doctor this morning and the pains was contractions. We just thought it was Braxton Hicks but its the real thing. She checked my cervix and I am dilated to about a 2 and about 50% thinned out. I'm glad my mom made me call and make an appointment!
Make sure you are taking a stool softener over the next couple of days, especially now that you are getting ready for baby.  And stay hydrated - lots of water!!!!  You definitely don't want to become constipated and push any harder than you need to when you poop now.  It can still be a while before you give birth, but you sound like you are getting close.  I've dilated weeks early with both of my previous pregnancies, but it all depends on your body.  Rest up and take care!  Good luck!


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