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When I got to the bathroom some of the times I feel a lot of pressure towards me finishing.. Is this normal?

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also its kinda painful in my hip area
How far along are you? It can be normal or it could mean you're getting close to being ready. I always feel some pressure which I think is normal especially when using the bathroom, because you have something growing inside you. It adds extra pressure to your organs.
Ill be 29 week tomorrow
i feel the same pressure
When is your next appointment?  You may be having braxton hicks contractions or you may be experiencing the real deal.  If your next appointment is a couple of weeks away still, you may want to call and get checked out.  At any rate, if you are worried call your doctors nurse and see if she thinks you should come in.  With baby #1 I had pressure and just didn't feel right and it turned out I was having contractions.  I've been having pressure now too, so my doctor checked me out as a precaution (no contractions), but it put my mind at ease.
my next one is tomorrow, this would be very bad i dont get off work til dec 10th! I hope he waits til then.
yes I would ask the dr.. I have been having the pressure and contractions for the past couple of days and went in yesterday morning because the contractions got much worse.. turned out that the contractions were pretty strong and I had to get shots to try to help them and found out that they were already causing me to dialate and I am only 32 weeks =) I would definitly check with your dr tomorrow..good luck
dr said im going to feel pressure... nothing to worry about =)
I'm glad to hear everything is going well! :)

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