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Problems at Work?

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Okay.. so i've been working for 2 years at Tysons... i dont know if any of you know what that is.. but anyways.. I am 15 weeks pregnant as of right now, and since i've been pregnant.. people have been treating me really badly... and there's nothing i can do about it if i talk to HR because the people that treat me bad are the "supervisor's wife" and they're friends. She hasn't been working there but for only a few months.. and she thinks she rules everyone.. well friday night she chewed my ass out for me being "emotional" and having an "attitude problem" (from being pregnant)... and there was nothing i can say really cause she can get me fired... cuz she's already told her husband (the supervisor) what is going on.. and it's too late to talk to him.. and there's another girl who is pregnant that works there as well.. she is a week further along than me.. them 2 have been having the same problem as well. I just don't know what to do anymore.. i'm tired of being treated this way and stressing over it... cuz i know its not good for the baby.. is there anything i can do? please help.

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Can you go to someone who is above your supervisor? There are all kinds of discriminating laws out there. That is of course what the HR are for but if you can't go to them then try someone higher up. If that doesn't work then maybe it will be time to find another job. Good Luck! 
It definitely sounds like she is targeting the pregnant woman to harrass which makes me think one of 2 things is what's really going on. 1) She really wants a baby and isn't getting pregnant or can't get pregnant or 2) She really has a problem with the fact that you might get more attention than her due to your being pregnant. With that being said... Who really gives a crap what she thinks or feels? she can't treat people like that! Will HR just not care if you go to them? I would NOT let her get away with how she is being. Get together with anyone else that is prego and compare stories. Then go to whoever, HR or higher up boss, as a united front. See if you can't find other employees who have seen her do you that way and would be willing to go with you and back you up. They can't ignore all of you. It is definitely a law suite waiting to happen that she's only picking only prego women. Who does that anyways? How insecure and petty do you have to be to pick on prego women? Like we don't have enough going on? I really hope every thing gets better for you. Good luck! :)

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