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probs with the family

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my family well mom dad and sister want me to name my baby after them but i named my first baby after them my moms name was hazel and my sisters middle name was aly so i named my daughter (alyssa hazel caldren) and now i want to just pick a name i want instead of naming my baby after them so what should i do

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you should name the baby what you want to
name the baby what you want to.. they had their turns on naming their kids.. its your turn.. we just added middle names that were family names with our kids.. Maddison Lynn.. my dads middle name is lynn and dominic Richard.. bf's grandpa was named richard.. but that was becuase we wanted to not because we felt we had too good lucka dn stick to your guns.. its your call not theirs.. tell them you arent telling anyone the name til she gets here and look at her and see what you think she looks like =)
thats a good answer thanks for your help
its your baby you should name it whatever you want just like my family wanted me to name my baby *mia kate ravenelli* but i didnt really like it so i chose the name *cloe magenta ravanelli*i think you should pick the name you want
i agree, name ur child whatever u want, the should be thankfull u already named one child after them...NITA u said u named ur daughter betrice sallen???
no that was my husband when i was in the hospital i told him to go home and get some stuff so he went home and got the stuff and then he went on this website and said we named the baby betrice sallen but we ended up naming her cloe magenta the reason he put betrice sallen is he really wanted to name her that but we named her cloe magenta
This is your baby you should definitely give it the name you want it to have. They are very lucky that you named your first after them and really shouldn't push you into doing it again. This is a very important step in being a mother. You have to pick a name that makes you feel good. You will have to live with this name on your child for the rest of your life so it should be what you want. Good luck and don't let them run over you! :)
Really Nita, I didn't think the name Betrice sounded like something you would pick based on all the trendy names you like so it really surprised me, but it's strange your husband would post that you were home with her when you weren't yet.  Anyway, glad you had your baby girl and things are well.  :) 
Amber - name her what you want to name her.  If you don't want to name her after family and you feel obligated to do it and then do you may regret it.  It's your little girl, you and your husband choose the name that feels right to you.  All of our family had strong suggestions on all of our childrens names, but in the end, it was our choice.  :)
yeah i asked my husband why he put that i just got home with my baby girl when we didnt but guys are wierd and i will never understand some of the wierd things they say and do......but you gotta love em


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