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progesterone shot, good or bad?

2 answers
My doc wants me to take the weekly 17hydroxyprogesterone shots but I've read alot of bad stuff about what they can do to the fetus and even stillbirth. Anyone know anything about it?

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Progesterone is fine. Its a hormone your body makes naturally. I'm supposed to be on it also because I have a history of preterm labor and delivery but due to some issues with my insurance I've only taken it once. I don't know where you read that it can cause stillbirth but that is wrong. If progesterone could cause stillbirth women would have problems with it since it is a naturally occurring hormone. The reason drs give it to patients with a history of preterm labor and delivery whether its family or personal is because it is thought the cause of those is your body not making/producing enough progesterone. Hope this helps.
And just to let you know it is a very thick substance so shortly after receiving it the injection site stings like a mofo

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