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Protein in urine

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So today at my 39 week appointment, I peed on the stick that measures the protein and sugar levels in your urine. The little protein part turned a different colour than normal, so I'm scared. I ask what it means when I have protein in my urine and the doctor says it could be anything, as simple as walking (I have to walk and take the bus to my appointments while hubby's at work with the car) or something more severer. Well, needless to say my blood pressure was through the roof because I'm having anxiety over protein in my urine. I'm sent to the lab for a urinalysis, and we won't find out until Monday (MY DUE DATE) what's wrong, if anything. Then, the doctor says that if I'm still pregnant by my next appointment which is Tuesday, I'll be scheduled for an induction. Other than the protein showing up this time, my pregnancy has been beautiful, thankfully. I've had no raised blood pressure other than today, no swelling or blurred vision or anything. The doctors seem really relaxed about it, but I'm scared to death that there's something wrong. Bless your heart if you've made it this far into my wall-o-text. lol So has anyone else had anything similar? And if so, what was it? I'm a FTM, if you can't tell. lol

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I can't remember 100% all the causes of protein in urine, but I know elevated blood pressure can be one of them. If your blood pressure was high today, that could have been the problem. You're far enough along that there is no reason to worry unless you blood pressure goes really high for some reason. Usually not an issue this far along, because if they had to delivery the baby now, it is fully developed and good to go anyways!

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