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1 in 81 Chance of Down Syndrome - Worried Expectant Mom

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I just received my test results back from my quad screening. Now I'm crying and upset and just plain worried.... I'm 25 with my first, it's a boy, I'm 18 weeks and he has an elevated chance of DS. I have no problem with a special child, it's more of the want for a completely healthy child. I'm keeping my precious gift either way, I'm just such a wreck about "what if's", my husband is cool calm and collective but I just need to talk to other mom's out there that may have gone through this.... Thanks.

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There are many reasons that cause these test results. They're based on hormones and nothing else. If for whatever reason your hormone levels are outside of the normal range the result is an increased risk of DS. But most of the time babies don't have DS. You should be getting an ultrasound or amniocentesis soon to get a conslusive diagnosis for your baby. Until then, don't worry.I'm sure it's difficult, I know I agonized while waiting for my test results with my first two kids. With this pregnancy I didn't even the quad marker because ultimately, the results didn't matter to me. My husband said he didn't want a special needs baby and though I felt the same way the first time around that just wasn't something I could deal with this time around. I just wanted to wait for the ultrasound when it was too late to do anything about it. Not terribly cool from a marriage standpoint, but I knew I wanted my baby no matter what. Everything turned out just fine, this little girl is as perfect as she can be and I can't wait to finally have her around Christmas.
i know exactly how you feel. I am currentloy undergoing the testing to DS and autism as well as testing for deformities (not sure i spelt that right) my fiance was born with a cleft lip and pallet and was supposed to have many speach problems as well as mental and physical problems. but over time, after his surgery at six months old he never develepod the problems he was supposed to have. one doctor has told me that i have a 73% chances of having a special needs child based on genetics but i am now seeing a new doctor and getting further testing. congradulations on your first baby boy though, this is as well my first and a boy. and no matter if the baby is special or not it is still yours and disurves all the love a normal child does. try and stay possitive.

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