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10 weeks pregnant have been VERY stressed

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I'm 10 weeks and a few days pregnant and my fiance (or now Ex) has decided to leave. I'm under so much stress because I'm out of the country and having to pack up and sell all my things on my own... I woke up the other day to no pain in my breasts. I've been lucky in that I have very few symptoms meaning no morning sickness. I guess I'm just scared that the stress is affecting my little snugglebugg. Is it normal for breast tenderness to come and go? Or should I be concerned? A lot of the symptoms of potential miscarriage are decrease in pregnancy symptoms, but I don't really have many symptoms and the one I can always count on is no longer present? I've already gone to the Dr's once because of the stress and I don't want to be that paranoid new mother... does anyone know if this is normal? I don't have cramping only what I believe to be normal uterine growing pains? This is my first pregnancy... thanks!!

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if you are in doubt-go and see your doctor. when i was pregnant i did have some of those symptoms. any doubts that i had i went to see my doctor. its better to be safe than sorry.
I agree, you must go see your doctor. If it is nothing to worry about, at least you will have peace of mind (and therefore less stress.)
As long as you are not bleeding you should be fine. Of course it never hurts to see the doctor, so if you feel the need call them. And it is normal for symptoms to come & go. 10 weeks is about the time breast tenderness should be going away!

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