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12 days late, spottinv after sex then stopped what do i do?

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It pretty much summed it up. I'm confused. When I took my first pregnancy test it came back negative. A day later my fiancé and I had intercourse. 30 minutes later I started to experience mild cramps. An hour later and I was bleeding. It was very light and a brownish pink tint too it. I thought this could have been the start of my period. It lasted off and on for three days. Only once being a bit more then before. Either way it still wasn't enough to fill a tampon more then the edge of it. I'm not really for sure what is going on. We did have inter course during my high fertility and ovulation dates. What should I do. Its not picked up at all (flow or color). Should I re test? My first pregnancy I did not have enough hormone levels to pick up in a urine test. So the drs. Ran a blood test. Should I consider making an appointment?

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