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12 weeks pregnant n these headache are killing me

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Can someone pls help me out here, my head hurt so bad is it normal? Any advise here pls

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Headaches in general are normal. Really bad headaches are not. It could be your reaction to the horomones that your body is producing (like the migrains you get around your period), but it can also be a sign of high blood pressure. It is something you need to get checked. If everything turns out fine, double your water in take. Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches, so any time you get one, try drinking some water before popping tylenol!
I would defiantly get checked for high blood pressure just to rule it out. I had severe headaches around 12 weeks for about two  months. I had taken tylenol like instructed  by my doctor,  but don't take it to often because your body will build up a tolerance and will no longer help with your headaches. If they continue even after tylenol I would discuss it with your doctor and they can recommend a safer solution. Hope that helps.
It is very normal to get headaches right around 12 weeks due to the increase in blood volume in your body.  In addition to being sure to drink enough water, my midwives recommended I take Magnesium Aspertate.  It is completely safe, and if it works, very likely means you needed the magnesium.  It is important that it is in the aspertate form.  I tried it and it did work. My headaches were gone by the next day.  My midwives said that many of their clients indicated that they felt it also helped their births, but I do not know why. 

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