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12 year old Boy Crazy

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My 12 year old daughter seems to be going crazy over boys. As a parent I would normally put a stop to it. But my issue is it seems her mother only encourages the behavior. She lives with her mother mainly because her mother makes more than I do, and you know how kids are.. (She chooses to live with her mother) She has a boyfriend, and only because I have her on my verizon plan and can get a printout of her texts I know that she and her boyfriend have kissed. This concerns me with a 12 year old, but her mom thinks this is cute. Her mom buys her shorts that are far too short and every way possible seems like she is encouraging the behavior. I don't want to step in and be the big bad parent who makes everyone mad, and possibly make her hate me for the rest of my life, but at the same time I'd rather not be a grandpa in 2 years. Any advice? How can I get control of this situation without the help of the other parent.

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