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12 Year Old Issues

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Our daughter has a 12 year old daughter. This past weekend our granddaughter asked to go with some friends to a movie. When our daughter asked about the movie it was revealed that it is 'R' rated, so our daughter denied our granddaughter the privilege to go. Our granddaughter called her Mother 'mean' and had a 'fit'. She said that she wants to go live with her father (parents divorced). Her father said that she could come live with him, he'd love to have her. What our granddaughter doesn't realize is that her father is at least as strict as her mother. This is the first time that the granddaughter has 'rebelled' like this. Of course, we think the granddaughter should stay with her mother. Oh yes, I don't think that the granddaughter realizes that she's probably going to loose the friends she now has since her father lives in another town and is not likely going to be bringing her to see these 'old' friends. How should our daughter handle this?

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I say let her go live with her father (just temp)... and see how long it takes for her to realize how good she had it with her mother... She'll most likely have to change schools, and friends and of course adapt to new rules... Maybe this will be a wake up call she needs to let her know that when you give her an inch it's just an inch not a mile... Drastic I know but I threw the same fit when I was about 13... my mom said if that is what I wanted I could go live with your father... I learned quick things are alot different from a week with dad than living with dad... I lasted maybe two months before i begged to go back to my mothers... Hope this helped 
I'm with Ashlyn.  If her father is willing to take her, and you have no worries about her living with him whatsoever, tell your granddaughter that you'll miss her and you love her but you'll talk to her on the phone and rework the visitations and give her a kiss and maybe a new suitcase.  I'd also not worry about it so much.  Chances are, being 12, your granddaughter has already changed her mind and while she hasn't forgotten not getting to see the movie, she's got other fish to fry. 
I wouldn't worry too much. Your granddaughter is about to be a teenager, these kinds of situations are bound to pop up now and then. If I were your daughter I would just wait it out. Chances are your granddaughter will get over this soon, if she hasn't already. Little things seem like the end of the world to kids at this age, but kids are fickle and easily move onto other things.

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