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12 yr old failing 2 subjects and not caring...what do i do?

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I have a 12 year old daughter in middle school. She is a great student (atleast in the past) and the last 2 quarters she has been failing math and social studies. She begins to fail, I notice, contact the teacher and find out she's not doing her work and has missing assignments...I have asked her why and she has no answers. We are at the end of the quarter now and she is NOW turning assignments in so that she will pass those classes at report card time. I have gone as far as taking her cell phone, grounding her from friends and any social events. It's not doing any good because she still has that attitude of "I don't care". I've tried explaining to her how important school is and that she really needs to start taking responsibility...nothing. I need advice. I'm at the point where if she fails-she fails and repeats 6th grade again. Help!

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you could always try a different approach. while i was in school there were many parents that had teachers email them the assignments of the day that way their children were unable to lie and say they had no homework and if the she lies and says its already done you could always ask to see it first before she turns it in. or instead of punishing her for not doing you could use the rewards system tell her that if she goes the whole week with turning in her assignments then the family can go out for ice cream or something but if she fails to go the whole week and turns in no assignments the rest of the family will go w/o her
you need to take everything away from her. she has the i dont care attitude because all you did was ground her from seeing friends, and took away the cell phone. you need to take it all away. no tv, no computer, no ipod, etc. make her life as uncomfortable as possible, and then see how long that attitude lasts. when i was that age, my parents had the same problem with me, and so they left me with nothing but a matress on the floor with sheets, etc, and 3 outfits to wear. of course, they picked 3 of the most unattractive outfits i had to make it even worse. within 2 months i brought my D's up to B's, and slowly started receiving my privleges back, one by one.

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