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13weeks but Dnt kno how or which side to sleep on, it's killin me! Thanks to all of ur that responded to my question abt the headache , I try ur advises n it worked ! I appreciate it so much. but pls help me now wth my sleep problems cuZ it's so difficult to sleep on my side help me pls

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You don't need to worry about how you sleep, especailly at 13 weeks. You can sleep how's comfortable for you, the baby's well protected, don't worry. As your pregnancy progresses the way you sleep will change to accomadate for your changing body. If you are sleeping a way that's not good or uncomfortable you will change postions, sometimes without noticing or waking. The docs and professionals and books will say sleeping on your left side is the only way to sleep. It's true that it increases and helps with blood circulation and such but this applys more in the 3rd trimester.
As you get further along in your pregnancy you should really sleep on your left side.  This was a very difficult adjustment for me as I am a stomach sleeper.  Try using a body pillow or put a pillow under your side to support your tummy and between your legs with a good pillow to support your neck.  You may also want to consider a really good mattress topper if yours doesn't feel comfortable during pregnancy.  Sleeping on your right side or on your back puts pressure on the major arteries that are in your right thigh and stomach which causes your heart to pump harder to supply blood and nutrients to your body and your growing little one as you get further along.  Best wishes and hope this helps.

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