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14 and pregnant how do I tell my parents? Please help

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So I'm 14 nd I first lost my period on the month of November 2014 and well im pregnant and my school office found out and got me in a program for pregnant teens. Everything they do is confidential so they can't tell my parents only I can when I feel that I'm ready. The thing is my mom is extremely religious and shes a Jehovah's witness. She doesn't aprove of dating at my age or anything. There were rumors at school saying that I am pregnant and when my parents found out about the rumors they were so stressed and mad, now imagine how they'll react once I say that it's true and that I am pregnant? Also I'm really close to them and I'm the only girl and the youngest in the family too so i don't know. My mom knows I did something bad but I just tell her that I'll tell her later because I don't want to hurt her. Plus she hates my bf so that's not good either and honestly they're those kind of parents that get mad over small things way to easily and get carried away very quickly and over think things to much. So like wat should I do? How should I tell them? Please help me I'm clueless and scared.

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Hi, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses too and I feel so awful for the situation you are in. If you feel comfortable, please email me. I'd love to help in whatever way I can. Even just a hearing ear. Leah

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