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14 w pregnant anyone else can't get any sleep?

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I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and am on the smaller side, I am already showing a little bit and can feel my baby quickening. When I lay down to go to sleep I toss and turn all night long, but cannot get comfortable. I use a body pillow, but it doesn't help either. I've tried laying on my back, left side, right side, and belly. Even tried laying on my side, but leaning over so kindof on my side and belly if that makes sense? I get really uncomfortable and my belly will start to ache after a certain amount of time and I'll have to adjust again. My baby is most active at night too so I'd really like to figure out something that may even help me when my baby starts to make some more intense movements as it gets bigger. Any ideas on how I can get some sleep? Or a comfortable position that might help? Any suggestions help. Thankyou!

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I'm only 8 weeks be 9 on Monday and I can't sleep already I toss all night I'm also on the small side but what I do is drink a glass of milk before I go to bed hope that helps some
I have the same problem, I just can't get comfortable. I know that its not good for the baby to sleep on my back (lowers blood pressure) and I hate sleeping on my side. I have found that what works the best is to sleep on my side leaning backwards against a bunch of pillows. It doesn't always work, expecially when my husband is taking up room in the bed. :P So I mostly just don't sleep until I'm really really tired. So I don't have any time to think about if I'm comfortable or not before I'm out. This wouldn't work if I had anything to do during the day (work or such) but as I don't, it does. :)
bendryl and tylonal pm are pregnancy safe . im 32 weeks trust me it gets worse . but keep the bodypillow once you cant sleep on your belly anymore if you sleep on your side and your legs arnt seperated at an even distance your in some serious back pain .warm milkeat earlier - like 5 530 or 6if not try the sleep aids ;
im in the same boat!!! im all about my sleep!!! im very frustrated but what i do now is drink some hot tea(camomile) and have my mate rub my shoulders& hair.its soothing and relaxing. good luck& congrats!!
I started having this problem a couple weeks ago (I'm at 18 weeks). My husband says I toss and turn all night and make "unhappy noises" in my sleep like I'm uncomfortable. I used to sleep on my stomach and my belly is now getting in the way. I've tried different pillows and sleeping configurations but nothing seems to work!Has anyone tried unisom? I used to take it with B6 per my doctor's advice, and it was the ONLY thing that helped with my morning sickness. I used to throw up 3-5 times per day. Now that the morning sickness is over, I stopped taking it. I am hesitant to try tyenol PM just because why take something for a symptom you don't have (pain). I'm considering trying the unisom tonight, but has anyone else found that it helps? It's not that I'm not tired, I just can't get comfortable!!!
Thankyou all I appreciate the good advice :))I will try these out (meds last of course ;]))hopefully something works for me!!Congrats to everyone else as well and have a happy healthy pregnancy
I'm 13 weeks and i have the same problem. It's very common this i know but it suck because those who aren't pregnant or never have been really don't understand. I tried everything, even the milk (which i absolutly hate)and i wasn't wanting to take meds. I would go days almost a week or more with no or little sleep so basically i was just passing out from exhaution. So i do what any girl does and calls her mom for help. My mom is not a fan of drugs either and she found this all natural sleep aid that is Valerian root, Passion flower, lettuce leaf, and a few others i can't seem to remember. I took that and was out in 20 mins and slept the night away and surprizingly didn't glare at my alarm clock when it went off in the morning. I love it because it is all natural. If you can't find that specific combo in the stores Valerian root can be found and common drug stores along with melalonin which is also a natural sleep aid. Good luck.

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