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14 years old & almost a month pregnant

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so Im 14 years old & my boyfriend is 16. we both wanted a baby and we had lots of sex and it was unprotected everytime. he came in me twice the first time and about a week ago he came in me about 4-5 times and we both know theres no way im not pregnant. if i got pregnant the first time I should be 3 weeks and 4 days along now. ive been sleeping so much more and ive been pretty dizzy and I feel kinda weird and a tad sick but not really sick or throwing up yet. I usually get my period the last week of the month and sometimes its around the first day of the next month but ive been about a week late. i started bleeding a bit around last thursday and it wasnt my period for sure because my periods usually super heavy the first 2 days and it was light and lasted about 2 days and it was gone and theres a white discharge im getting now and I did some research and thats called implantation bleeding i guess ?? my mom found out and shes absoutely done with me when she found out she actually pushed me to the floor and pushed down many times on my belly trying to kill or at least hurt the baby but its probably way too tiny to hurt yet. she knows its my boyfriends and she hates him so shes trying to have him arrested and she doesnt care that the baby might grow up without a father if she does that but she doesnt care because she doesnt want anything to do with the baby if its here. my boyfriends really stepping up he got back into school and is going to graduate around june which is when the baby should be here if its here. hes getting a job once he graduates and he actually proposed to me and he wants us and he wants this family.i just really need some advice Im 100% against abortion on my body but if you do that its your choice I wont judge. i need some advice can someone help me??? ps- forgot to mention this but my mom is actually working on kicking me out and turning me over to the government what should I do Im scared

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Please please consider adoption. It is beautiful and miraculous and filled with so much love for all involved.
Hi im new to this, but i always like reading questions and responces on these sights. Im 18 yrs old, my cyle is usualy 28-31 days long. My bf and i are well set in life, so we decided to try for a bby, its been 8 months now. My last period was not normal it came for 7 days, and this one is 2 weeks late. I am having spotting on and off with one negative test. The spotting is not much an will only come for a few hrs. Im confused could i be pregnant? Or is it jus a change up in my cycle. I dont have period cramps but there are some and I have sore breast, nausea, cravings and head aches.

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