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15 days late

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So I am now 15 days late for my period. 2 weeks ago I went to the doctors for a blood pregnancy test and it came back negative. They told me I would probably start my period within a week to 10 days and I would be fine. I am on birth control so it is regular every single month. I have always had a period and have been on this same hormone level for 2 years now. I called the doctors at the beginning of the week and they said since I took the blood one I am for sure not pregnant and I'm fine. To me I am not fine, this has never ever happened to me. I don't care how "regularly" this happens. I have always started every 28 days, give or take 1 day, since AF has been with me (8 years). I know this isn't normal because of the symptoms I'm having. I'm not saying that I'm pregnant but there is something going on. I have not been feeling any more stressed than normal (besides the fact I've been stressing over no period). I have been getting headaches like crazy and I normally don't get headaches. My tailbone just started to hurt very badly about 4 days ago and I can't bend over. I've been having "menstrual like" cramps for 5 days with sharp pains in my stomach every once in a while. I have been near to falling asleep at work. My husband says I'm moodier than anyone he's ever been around D:. My breasts just started to absolutely kill me 3 days ago. And I've been feeling like I could puke specially if I take a pills (I gag like crazy). I know that the blood tests detect really low hcg levels so I'm not pregnant but I don't know what else could be wrong with me. Anyone with advice please help, I'm at a loss :(

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I would see a regular doctor, not an ob. If you really think there is something wrong you should see a doctor who has a broader knowledge of health problems.
Thats so strange, You have a lot of the basic pregnancy symptoms but youre not pregnant? Hmm, Go back to your OB and ask for a papsmear. It could be something else related to your lady parts. I hope everything turns out alright for you!
A Pap smear is only going to detect cervical abnormalities, none of which are likely to cause the symptoms she is experiencing. The symptoms she described are likely to be caused by some sort of hormonal imbalance, which are quite common and normal, and don't always have a physical cause. Plenty of women experience pregnancy symptoms simply because they hope or think they are pregnant. There are a number of physical causes for hormone imbalances, such as ovarian cysts, hormones from food, certain chemicals in beauty products, etc. 

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