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15 month old waking up screaming at night... Night terrors?

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My 15 month old son goes to bed at around 9pm-9:30pm. About 2 1/2 hours later, he wakes up screaming his head off, and will not go right back to sleep. He stays up for sometimes 2 hours. He sleeps through his naps during the day just fine, but when it comes to night-night time he has issues. Could he have night terrors? Or is it just teething? I'm starting to worry.

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It could be a little bit of both. my daughter seemed to only have problems with her teeth at night and would wake up screaming. once she is awake she isnt going back to sleep. my son had night terrors when he was about that age.i've found that the best solution can be to create a relaxing, not spooky environment. put some kind of nightlight in his room(my daughter only likes a flashlight shined on the ceiling). it makes it less scary when he wakes up. also have calm music playing before he goes to bed and then all night. That may help him not never fully wake-up at all.if it is teething im not sure how you can stop the problem before it begins during the night:(i hope that helps:)
Try some teething tablets. The Hyland's brand has four different homeopathic remedies in them that treat sleeplessness and irritability in addition to pain and swelling. So they will help calm your son down and help with his teething.also try to think about any new changes that have happened recently. If there has been any new stress it could be causing your son to wake up scarcan and confused.
Thanks for all the advice! He does have a bright night light, and when he goes to sleep I play baby lullabies through my phone and speakers. I can't think of anything I could be doing wrong...
VforVenture: We moved about 6 months ago. Could that cause him enough stress to where it would give him a sleeping problem? Like I said, we moved about 6 months ago, and he has just started this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks...
I wouldn't think. That your move would be causing problems now. If it had stressed him too the point that it caused sleeping issues that should have happened immediately. They only thing I can really suggest is trying the teething tablets to help calm him and ease potential teething pain. You should also consider giving him an earlier bedtime. 9:30 is a little late, especially if you have to get up in the morning before he's had 12 hours of sleep. Toddlers still need about 12-14 hours of sleep per day, including a nap. Try moving his bedtime up by 15-30 minutes every couple of days so that he can adjust slowly. Little ones who get the right amount of sleep at night generally have fewer sleeping problems.

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