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15 weeks ....

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im 15 weeks pregnant i do not feel the baby move & im not showin . i also havent gained any weight im very skinny i always have been ... is that normal???

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It can be normal,pregnancy is never the same with women. So it depends on how short skinny and petite you are and also  how big your baby might be
I would say it'c completely normal. Heck, just consider that show about woman who don't even know they are pregnant until they give birth. I wouldn't worry to much about it. It could have a lot to do with the shape and position of your uterus. But I would say it's worth discussing with your OB. Best of luck to you!
thanks everybody
thanks everybody
I lost about 10 lbs. the first trimester due to morning sickness.  Now I am neither petite nor skinny, but I haven't really gained much of that weight back yet.  I think in my last three check-ups I have gained maybe a pound.  I am 31 weeks along and my doctor hasn't really said anything about the lack of weight gain.  He just asks if I am eating often and eating a variety of foods (which I DEFINITELY am LOL), and that seems to satisfy him.  I think everyone's body is different.  As far as not feeling the baby yet, for my first child I didn't really the "butterflies" until about 17-19 weeeks, but with this second baby I felt him/her around 14 weeks, so I think you are ok there too.  I also agree that a lot has to do with your shape and the shape of your uterus.  Don't worry, soon enough, your toes will disappear and you will discover the joys and comfort of maternity pants (I love mine LOL).  Good luck and if you are still unsure, discuss it with your doctor, that's what he's getting the big bucks for ;)
Right now im just about to be 30 wks along & its still very easy or me to hide my little baby bumb. I am normally quite thin even though im not short & im still not very big at all! every single pregnancy is different. When i had my ultrasound at 20 wks the technician said the baby was just a lil bigger then the drs thought so i was a lil farther along then they thought even though i wasnt showing at all! I dont know about you but for me the answer to why im so small is that this lil girl is pushed right up against my spine. Apparently thats how i carry babies cuz thats how it was with my son who is now 3. I have pics of me about 5 days before i went into labor & from behind no one would guess that i was pregnant let alone that i was full term. So try not to worry about it too much, if it really bothers you, & youre doing everything youre suppose to, then talk to your dr about your concerns. they are there to help you.

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