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15 weeks and feeling the baby move...?

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I dont know what I am feeling, because this is my first pregnancy, but maybe about 5-6 times a day, I feel a "heartbeat" feeling in my lower stomach. I know its not a heartbeat, but that is the only way I can describe it. I feel one light "thump" and then I wont feel anything for a couple hours. I think it is in the right spot, about 2 to 3 inches below my belly button, but like I said, this is my first pregnancy so I am not entirely sure. Is this wishful thinking or am I really feeling it? Anything you post will be so helpful! :D Thank you!

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im 16 weeks i just felt the baby move a few days ago maybeit was the baby oh and  congrats on being pregnant its really exciting and like the best feeling in the world i got pregnant when my daughter was 3 months old so i bunched them close but they will play good together good luck!
Congrats on being pregnant too! Everything is sooo new, I dont know what is what aha.
yes, you are feeling your baby move.
It probably was the baby you felt. I didn't feel the one I have in me now until about 19 weeks. And they say with every pregnancy you feel them sooner.Just remember, every pregnancy is different when you compare yourself to others. Best of luck with your new joy.
Congrats!  The heartbeat you feel might be your own, I've felt my HB down there and it is a lot slower than the baby's.  If you feel a rapid HB, that's the baby!  And I felt movement at 14 weeks in an area that 100% could not be indigestion, so I'm sure that is what you are feeling.  Enjoy it while it is fun and he/she isn't kicking your spine or bladder!  :-)
Yes ! its really wonderful experience, When a baby move from one to another corner of your belly. But make sure it will not stuck in any corner. Once baby start moving then it remain move until delivered. retin a

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