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15 year old daughter wants go naked at home.

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Sorry about this awkward question, but would like an outside opinion. We have a 15 year old daughter, and two boys 12 and 17. When she was 12, she asked if she needed to wear a swim suit in the pool. We told her that would be fine if it was just the family around. During that summer, she would swim nude, and play in the yard. Sometimes we asked her to put something on, but sometimes we just let her be. In the time since she has gotten casual about nudity. She sleeps nude, and often gets up in the morning and walks downstairs to the kitchen naked. She covers up when we ask, but it's often nothing more than an old tee shirt. She turned 15 in June. She asked us the other night if we would allow her be naked at home. She even said she had already talked to her brothers, and they are comfortable with it. I'm having a hard time thinking of reason not to let her, but it seem weird to me that a girl her age want to be naked around her family. Thanks for your time.

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First of all, I applaud you and your husband for providing an environment in which your daughter feels comfortable coming to you with questions and requests. Now to my answer: I would first tell your daughter all the good points about her feelings about and handling of this situation. She has shown confidence in being able to ask for what she wants. In asking her siblings how they would feel about her request being granted, She demonstrates that she has empathy and considers how her actions may affect others. She used some forethought, took initiative and used problem solving skills prior to presenting you with her request. Your daughter also appears to have a healthy body image, good self esteem and confidence in herself. I would then tell her that, though you are so proud of her for how she has handled this situation, it is not appropriate to walk around your home nude. And here is why: She is getting closer to being an adult and is developing into a woman. This sort of behavior can Put her at an increased risk of being victimized in the future, once she leaves your home. Also; this behavior may adversely effect relationships with potential roommates and others I have worked witn kids and teens using the following method: praise them for what they are doing right, then presenting my advice or answer to their question while providing an explanation for my answer. I always fit in a lesson if I can.
Explain to her that whining is inappropriate, then tell her, "from now on, when you whine, Mommy is not going to answer you. We ignore whining." Then do it. Praise her when she does good things and really make a big deal when she approaches you without whining. She will keep whining as long as she gets attention--good or bad---when she whines.
Let her be if she wants to be naked at home then let her what's the harm. She has already done it so it's won't be a shock to you and if she is comfortable with being around the family nude then what's the problem? Just remind her that not everyone will be comfortable with the nudity so when guests visit then she may need to cover up otherwise leave her to be free and nude when she likes
Excuse me, you are the mother or the father of her? If you are the mother you can more involve her in the domestic activity but always making sure that you are together, like for example cooking or cleaning house, because if she is alone she will do this regardless of the fact of being naked. Instead I think that being in close contact with you she might understand the need to dressed up. I also ask you if your family is often gathered together, such as at lunch and dinner, or maybe watching TV and if like this, how she acts?
It has generally be observed that children who grow up in naturist homes have fewer issues with body acceptance and are less likely than average to engage in early or harmful sexual activity. They tend to be socially confident and well-rounded. It sounds like this daughter shows those traits, and her brothers are OK with her style. Yes, she should dress when guests come around, but otherwise I suggest letting her use her own judgement.

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