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16 and pregnant

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Found out a few months ago I'm due in August. Still only 16. People stare at me, I'm scared, not confident in myself, my boyfriend and family all have my support but I'm still ashamed at myself for being so young. What can I do to make sure I'm a good mother?

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I was in your same situation. I went to a small private christian school, so you can imagine the looks I got on a daily basis as I waddled through the halls my last weeks of pregnacy. The best thing to do is, simply ignore them all. I know its a lot harder to do than say but focus on the friends who do support you, your boyfriend and family who are all supportive people. To be a good parent you have to remember you aren't  a normal teenager you are a parent now which means you have to think of baby first. Once your amazing baby is here the wierd looks will no longer bother you (as much) and everything will feel more natural. Do your best to stay in school, it is way harder to go back once you quit. It all seems really scary now, for good reason you know your life is changing drastically. You will soon settle into a routine with your new family and those scary thoughts will all go away.
hey the only thing you have to do is except it im 17 and pregnant and im due in september i felt the same way and everyone in my family looked at me in disappoinment i was scared of what people would think of me but all you have to do is just believe in yourself and i know your baby will love and i know you will be a good mother.
As someone who was a friend to several teen moms in high school, I saw what they did right and what they did wrong. Don't let the comments get to you. Being a good mom is about putting your baby's need before anything else. No one but moms know how hard it is to be a mom, and people who've never been in your situation have no right prying in your business. Just remember the comments and the stares don't stop when you have your baby - they keep coming because you're such a young mom. just embrace your mommihood and be proud. Never let your kid feel like they were a mistake. Always be honest and open with your little one, and you'll be a fantastic mother.
Hello. I cannot say I relate to your situation, as I had my first baby when I was thirty years old; however I can tell you that having a baby is the most precious gift no matter when or how the moment enters your life. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a little angel entering your life. You were meant to be that angels Mommy. Try to embrace your pregnancy and enjoy every moment as it is an amazing journey. My Mom was pregnant at seventeen and my husbands mother was pregnant at fifteen. I know by watching them that the best gift a mother can give her child is love, and we are able to give that at any age. Try to remember those that offer you their love and support are who matter most, listen to their words and ignore all others. After a year of being a mother I still feel judged at times when I am out with my little one either because I have always looked a lot younger than I am and feel I get looks from people due to that, or because I am fearful I do not look like I know what I am doing. Unfortunately no matter what path we are on in life there are people out there who will try to make us feel  uncomfortable and insecure. Try to remember nobody can make you feel anything without your consent--focus on that, that YOU have control over how you feel. Easier said than done I know. Don't be scared. Every new Mom gets nervous and afraid no matter what their age. Confidence comes in time. Try to be patient with yourself. The absolute best thing you can do to be a good Mom is to love that baby. Everything else follows. You'll find following your instincts are best, because "Mom knows best". Do try to finish school for yourself and for your little one. Motherhood is the hardest job you'll ever have, but it truly is the most rewarding. Remember to ask for help when you feel you need it, and if that is all the time that is ok. And be sure to keep yourself on the list of "important things" because having time for yourself will keep you energized. Savor every second!  I wish you nothing but joy and happiness. Hang in there!!!  
I have to diassagree, the stares will stop, after I had my baby every one (classmates, teachers and strangers) focussed on how cute she was and how well I was parenting, and less on my age.
H, if you ask me, I will say that its really too early to be a mom. At 16 you are really so young. But I hope You will be a good mom.ThanksTarget baby registryBabysitting rates
i cant exacly say the same but i srta know how you feel. I raised 8 out of 10 of my moms kids! Everyone stared at me cuz i was a 13 yearold shoping for clothes at kmart for a 2 yearold, 4 yearold, and a  3 1/2 year old pluse my mom had another one on the way so i was shoping for that one to!inore the stares you'll be a great mom

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