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16 month old challenging parent's decision

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My daughter is 16 months old, and for the past few weeks she has started to use a tactic that has both me and her father upset. When mom is around and another family relative or her dad, and mom tells her to stop doing something she isnt suppose to be doing, for example spilling water on the floor, she will turn to dad or other relative to see what they say, if they don't say anything, she doesnt listen to mom. Even when dad and mom take her out to eat lunch on the weekends or the stores, she does that, and mom gets frustrated at times because she knows that the baby does fully understand but refuses to do so. I don't know how both mom and dad can approach this. Mom tells the baby, "if you don't listen to me, when you want something mom is not going to listen to you." but dad does not like that reaction from mom. Is mom doing the right thing, or what would be a better approach to this?

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