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18 years old and 4 weeks preganat

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Help! Idk what to do.. I've only been dating my bf for 2 months and I'm now pregant I'm only a senior in highschool graduating in May. He's only a sophomore in college . We both have a job but not enough we get payed that will support a child . I have not told my boyfriend that I'm preganat bc idk how to tell him and I'm scared how he will react . If someone can tell me how to tell my bf that he is going to me a father . And also I don't know how to tell my older brothers they are so over protective of me on scared to tell them. Also I'm anti abortion bc I just feel like that's wrong I know my options but I don't know what to do!! Help please!

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Don't wait to long to tell him invite him over or to lunch dinner etc tell him you got something you want to give him get a small box write I'm pregnant inside that way you don't have to actually say it or write your going be a father continue school graduate in may. Find better job your 18 your an adult don't worry bout the brothers tell ya man first tell family after. Go to community college if can't go to big college things will be hard but your strong woman you can do it do it for your lil you your going be a mommy!!!! :-D hold your head high and be confident
There is no changing his mind he young and immature never depend on a guy hold your head up high you deserve better remember your strong you can do this be confident and you don't need him!!!! Good luck
The child will be connected to all three of you so yes its possible I study DNA so happy for y'all that's great good luck and congrats in advance
I study DNA yes its possible but will be apart of all three of you good luck and congrats in advance

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