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19 months being broken of midnight bottle

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So my son is almost 20 months and we have been able to eliminate every bottle except this midnight bottle. Two days ago we say bye bye to the bottle, tucked them away just incase, and hoped for the best. Last night he woke up at 2:30am crying. I tried to calm him several times and he finally fell asleep at 3:30am, that's an hour of tears and screaming. Tonight same time, 2:30 but got him asleep at about 3:15. I know it's not gonna be one night and done but I trying to minimize the cry time for when my wife comes back to the house. Is there anything in particular I should be doing to get him back to sleep? When I hear him crying I go in, give him a soppy cup of water and reassure him everything is ok and that it is night night time. I lay him back down and the crying and screaming goes into full tilt boogie. I leave the room and close the door a good bit and sit on the couch and try to tune him out. When I hear him gagging from crying or something like that I will go in and calm him back down by picking him up, singing and swaying. I lay him back down and here goes the crying again. I leave the room and try to tune him out again. Eventually he goes silent and I go to bed hoping he is asleep. Am I doing anything wrong? What else should I be doing?

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