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2 kids , 1 mom, different dads

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A good friend of mine has 2 kids, each with a different father. The father of the oldest (7 yrs old) has never shown a huge interest in being a full time father. He loves her but has never been fatherly or supportive in the financial sense. The relationship between the mother and father did not last more than a few years. In addition to that, the father suffered a debilitating stroke over 2 years ago and has been in rehab in another state, learning how to do everything all over again. Several years ago (long before the stroke), my friend met someone else, fell in love and had another baby. This baby is now just over a year old. This father is involved and around a lot, which is great for my friend and the baby. The eldest child however, has been showing an increased longing for her own father lately. She sees her sister with her father and wants the same. What advice would you give to this mother in how to handle her eldest child's feelings?

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