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2 months pregnant?

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Hi I have a feeling I maybe 2 months pregnant, but honestly am taken back by the fact I had a "period" May 18th I had sex with my fiance he came in me more than once then about 3 weeks later I got my "period" 2 days earlier than usual. Now tmi...but my periods are usually very heavy to begin with and bright red as soon as I pee for the first time it all comes out gushing for the next 4 days then the last 3 days it gets lighter. This period I had however started off very light and lasted 5 days and was dark brown almost black the entire time very abnormal for me, before that period came I was constipated for four days and during my period I had migraines for an entire week even after my period ended. It is June 23rd and as of now my nipples are sore and I have been very tired lately. Could it be possible that the period I had earlier this month was my last period and I could miss this upcoming period (july 4th)? Let me know if any of you have had similar experiences I would love to get some feedback thanks!

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The only way to know whether or not you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. if you are not pregnant, you should see your doctor about the changes to your period. If you are pregnant, you need to see your doctor anyway to begin proper prenatal care. 
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